1. Starting tomorrow, I will be adding Balinese dance to my repertoire! I already have some experience studying Javanese dances, so this will be a nice addition.

  2. Kate Bush [x]

    Her (version 1) music video from 1978.

  3. victoriousvocabulary:



    1. any night activities.

    2. festival at night.

    Etymologynocturne (Latin, derived from ‘nox’ - night) + -alia (suffix: items connected with the particular area of activity or interest mentioned).

    [James R. Eads]

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  6. asylum-art:

    Eyvind Earle

    Eyvind Earle (April 26, 1916 – July 20, 2000) was an American artist, author and illustrator, noted for his contribution to the background illustration and styling of Disney animated films in the 1950s. He began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book or paint a picture every day. Earle chose both.

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    Dancer Pearl Primus 

    (Photograph by Gjon Mili, ca. 1943)

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  9. "The dance is strong magic. The dance is a spirit. It turns the body to liquid steel. It makes it vibrate like a guitar. The body can fly without wings. It can sing without voice. The dance is strong magic. The dance is life."
    — Pearl Primus (via aballetblog)
  10. theladybadass:

    Josephine Baker in Siren of the Tropics (1927)